kitchen design trends

Whether your goal is a full home makeover or a custom home, when it’s time for a designing or remodeling your kitchen, you want to know what’s trending, what’s not, and what’s here for the long haul. Which is why at Pickett Homes, we’re constantly asking our designers and contractors for the details on what elements are worth the investment.

So, what trends and materials are of the moment? Here are our top five kitchen trends to look out for.

Goodbye Granite, Hello Quartz

According to a recent study by Houzz, granite has been on a three-year decline among homeowners.

The small-scale texture of granite feels more dated than the larger scale texture offered by quartz and marble. People are willing to invest in their kitchens, so they will often choose higher-end materials like marble. Quartz is more durable than marble but looks very similar, so homeowners are able to get that high-end look without having to deal with the expensive upkeep of a material like marble.

All White Everything

The all-white kitchen, adorn by modernists and minimalists alike, is slowly taking a backseat.“White kitchens are always a go-to, especially in modernist homes, but we are seeing many clients opt for black now too. And it’s no wonder people might be shying away from that all-white look, besides the stain factor, it can also be tricky to achieve.

Matte All The Things!

From finishes to hardware to kitchen appliances, you might notice things are sleeker than ever. Enter matte black. Companies like LG and Vipp have released entire lines of matte black stainless steel appliances that can add a layer of sophistication to any kitchen.

A Better Backsplash

In search of some creative inspiration? Lean into a global, old-world style. This past year has seen a high number of kitchens using the countertop as the backsplash on the walls.

Fashion With Function

Kitchen design has always been about balancing fashion with functionalism. (What good is a new kitchen if you can’t actually cook in it?) According to a recent study from Houzz, three-quarters of remodelers obsess over decluttering.